Do you need some assistance with pest animals? SSAA Farmer Assist can help! We have hundreds of registered, qualified members ready and waiting to help. Members can provide a professional standard* at no fee.

Farmers can learn more about the Farmer Assist program by reading the Complete Program Booklet which provides insight into the mission, objectives and requirements of the SSAA Farmer Assist program. We suggest you take the time to read the contents of this booklet, as it explains the requirements for all parties, especially the ethical and legal obligations. You need to know your obligations in respect to state laws and hold approved departmental permits for the destruction of native wildlife species identified as pests on your property.

Farmers may also view the Frequently asked questions for farmers.

To assist with signing up or using the Farmer Assist interface, view the Farmers Quick Guide.

For further information or to discuss using this program on your property, please phone SSAA Farmer Assist Coordinator Matthew Godson on 08 8272 7100 during business hours.

*All registered SSAA Farmer Assist members have achieved a shooting skill competency equivalent to commercial professional macropod harvesters.

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